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When it comes to safety performance culture, one size does not fit all.


Safety Performance Culture

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Courageous Conversations

We take you on a journey from safety management to safety leadership

Safety Leadership Programs

We deliver programs that are aligned to your organisation, your vision and your values.

Your leaders are pivotal in driving cultural change. We engage your leaders at the outset, ensuring they are personally committed to building a safety performance culture. They’ll become the champions of the program, empowered to activate real and authentic cultural change across your entire organisation.

Safety Leadership Programs For All Levels of Your Organisation

Our workshops are designed at two specific levels: Leader and Crew Level. We recommend all leaders in your organisation attend the Leader Program first so they are fully engaged and aligned with the commitment-based culture of safety. Equipped with the fundamental belief that all injuries are preventable, your leaders will put their learning into action – visibly demonstrating safety leadership to the rest of the workforce every day. The ownership of the program will inspire positive behavioural change towards safety in all individuals.

Our Crew-Level workshops are deployed across your organisation, and can be co-facilitated with your internal leaders. This strong and visible support by your leaders builds internal ownership of the program. Using a highly engaging and interactive format, the workshops challenge participants’ exiting beliefs about safety and generate real behavioural and attitudinal change.

“After working 30 years in this industry, this is the first safety workshop that has made me stop and think differently about safety, I’m so grateful to have participated.”

Crew Member – Switch On Participant, Mining Services.

Switch On Safety Leadership Programs

Switch On Workshops will challenge your people’s current beliefs and behaviours about safety. Participants will be taken on an emotional and thought-provoking journey that goes beyond compliance to create a fundamental shift in their relationship to safety.


Switch On Workshops Will:

  • Create a shared belief across your entire organisation that all incidents are preventable
  • Facilitate visible felt leadership in HSE
  • Equip participants with the skills and expertise to positively influence others
  • Provide participants with the confidence and techniques to intervene if they see unsafe acts and conditions
  • Encourage participants to recognise and acknowledge others when they see safe acts and conditions
  • Increase awareness of hazard and near-miss situations and extend this awareness to the home and wider community
  • Create individual and team safety action plans for your workplace

Courageous Conversations

Empowering positive change through authentic safety conversations is a powerful and vital skill that all leaders, frontline and administration staff should possess.

Courageous Conversations workshops teach the skills and techniques necessary to conduct effective safety interventions in the workplace.

Courageous Conversations will:

Activate a positive culture of safety by ensuring that participants understand:

  • What a Courageous Conversation is and how they are connected to the company’s HSE policy
  • Their responsibility to intervene when they see unsafe acts or conditions
  • The ACT Model: Assess, Consider, Take Action

Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks embed and sustain the safety leadership models introduced during the Actrua Switch On workshops, or can be designed to focus on the development of your leaders’ facilitation skills to ensure successful reinforcement of safety leadership frameworks in the workplace.

Toolbox Talk Workshops will:

  • Develop a strong understanding of safety frameworks
  • Improve facilitation skills, enabling leaders to deliver high quality, high impact talks
  • Develop understanding of the importance of toolbox talks

We’ve successfully delivered Safety Leadership programs to more than 45,000 participants around the world.

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