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For more than 20 years, we’ve worked with industry leading clients, helping them to activate their true performance culture. Together we have delivered great results and would love to chat with you about how we can design a tailored solution for your organisation.

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 “The program challenged my thinking around strategic planning, business efficiencies and e effectiveness of virtual organisation structures. It also delivered great insights into the broader business and the executive function in each region, generating strong team building opportunities across the course of the program.

Years later, the legacy of the program remains, not only personally, but with regard to tight working relationships with colleagues across the business which would not have occurred but from trust and relationships built through the program.”

Project Director, Global Engineering company

“The Actrua team possesses a rare combination of strategic leadership skill and pragmatism. Through the initial engagement and planning process they opened our eyes to what we needed to do in order to enhance our people strategy and move our organisation forward.

They spent significant time getting to know each part of our organisation in order to design a curriculum that helped us create a common language of leadership in the business, while at the same time, recognise and support the diverse needs of each operation.”

Program Leader, Global Leadership Suite

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“I found it very rewarding and honestly, somewhat life changing, as I now have extra tools to use to help me adjust not only my thinking, but the way I look at things and how I conduct myself as a team member”

Safety representative and leader

“The content and examples used made it easy to digest and relate things to personal events. The workshop has given the leaders of the business the resources to make our business a safer place to work. I believe these workshops will create a shift in culture and attitudes towards safety.”

Safety Manager, Mining Services

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“I am excited about the roll out of our new Leadership Development Program and the opportunity this provides for us to further develop our leadership capabilities and enhance staff engagement. The workshop provides straight forward tools and techniques for leaders to use in coaching and developing their staff, and enables participants to practice and develop their skills in a safe and supportive environment.”

Executive Leader, Oil and Gas

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