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Leadership Development Coaching

Challenging, supporting and empowering leaders

Coaching is a highly effective development solution for leaders at all levels. The coaching process and approach may vary depending on the level and business need, but the outcome doesn’t change – and that outcome is performance.

Actrua has a diverse group of experienced coaches that can be matched to fit your requirements.  We understand that different challenges come with different levels of leadership.  Our coaches will challenge you to step further than you have stepped before. Most importantly, it will be done in a supportive, caring and constructive manner.

Benefits of Leadership Development Coaching

  • Offers a targeted, just-in-time solution perfectly suited to the requirements of the dynamic workplace environment of today
  • Provides tailored feedback to the individual leader and creates personalised action plans
  • Provides developing leaders an opportunity for reflection and support
  • Can be used to reinforce learning from development programs
  • A cost effective approach to invest in the development of key talent in your business

Coach & Confirm

Designed for frontline leaders, Actrua’s Coach and Confirm methodology provides the opportunity for frontline leaders to receive practical and targeted on-the-job development for performance improvement.
Our coach will provide an independent assessment of each coachee’s capability against an agreed framework. This will require extensive personal contact and multiple observations in real work situations and interactions. Skills development examples include, but certainly not limited to, delivering effective pre-starts; toolbox talks, team meetings, task assignment, delegation and safety interactions.

Actrua’s experienced team has had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of clients

Our Commitment To Coaching

Our Coaching Code of Practice sets out our commitments and the standards all Actrua coaches uphold. Our purpose is to deliver True Growth and we live by our values – Authentic, Passionate and Integrity.

We will work with you and your leaders to develop a coaching program that best meets the requirements of your organisation.

How Is The Leadership Development Coaching Delivered?

We have a range of coaching solutions that we can tailor for your requirements. This may include:

  • Individual coaching, with or without a feedback instrument
  • Three way coaching, involving your leader, their manager and the coach
  • Peer Coaching Circles – a highly successful, facilitated methodology that engages peer groups to support each other’s learning and development in the workplace
  • A structured coaching program for a cohort of leaders – this may encompass a series of 1 on 1 coaching sessions and short group development workshops.

Our Coaches or Yours

Our team of coaches are able to support leaders at all levels. From in-field coaching observations for Supervisors to Executive Coaching assignments, our coaches offer a range of experience and style to ensure there is a suitable fit with the specific requirements.

You may prefer to engage your leaders as coaches. In this circumstance we can deliver development workshops for Manager as Coach, Coach the Coach solutions or you may prefer a combination of both.

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