Leaders in their own right

Actrua Leadership Team

Every person in the Actrua team is passionate about supporting the true growth of individuals, teams and organisations. Each and every one of us also firmly believes that when we are true to our values of Authenticity, Passion and Integrity, we deliver the best results for our customers and ourselves.

Our leadership team (left) consists of Craig Robinson – GM, Lesley-Anne Houghton – Director, and Andrew Russell – Managing Director. They bring a wealth of experience, industry knowledge and diverse thinking to help create great solutions and enduring partnerships.


Actrua Delivery Team

Our team of highly experienced project leaders, facilitators, coaches and consultants are passionate about providing true growth experiences and outcomes for your people. In all areas of leadership, team development and safety, they are able to challenge, engage and inspire cultures of performance across all levels of your organisation.

With years of global experience, our team understand and know what it takes to deliver true impact. We have Project Leaders based across Australia, and internationally in Kuala Lumpur and Vancouver. Our pragmatic solutions have robust theoretical foundations underpinned by a range of qualifications and experience, including Organisational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, Leadership and Management, Human Resources, Program Design and Facilitation.

To the right are just some of the highly skilled and passionate team members we have at Actrua.

Actrua Team Shot

Actrua Support Team

Our dedicated and passionate support team work to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations. They constantly seek new opportunities to surprise and delight our customers with efficiencies in managing and scheduling projects, logistical support, and communications.

Our support team includes; our Project Coordinators, Marketing & Communications Manager and Finance Administrator.

At Actrua, we’re incredibly proud of our high-performing team, and we’re incredibly proud of our positive culture. Just as we nurture, inspire and coach our clients into new growth, we do the same for ourselves. It’s what keeps us authentic, and it’s what makes us successful partnering with our clients to build Performance Cultures.

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