More than Safety

Switch On a culture of performance to protect the things that matter most.


Switch On

When it comes to safety performance culture, one size does not fit all.


Safety Performance Culture

Adaptive safety solutions crafted to meet your unique requirements.


Courageous Conversations

We take you on a journey from safety management to safety leadership

Across a range of industries, business leaders and organisations face ongoing challenges developing and sustaining a safety culture of awareness, accountability and courage. The pressure of being under-resourced, time-poor and working at capacity, means safety can take a back seat within an organisation, rather than leading it.

Is your organisation:

  • Looking to take your safety leadership performance to the next level?
  • Wanting to energise safety conversations and lift the safety performance in your business?
  • Facing increased rates of recordable incidents and workplace injuries?
  • Doing well but worried about complacency?
  • Have solid safety systems in place, but they are not being well utilised?

How Actrua Can Help

We take you on a Switch On journey from safety management to safety leadership – where your leaders and employees are aligned in the unwavering belief that all injuries are preventable, and that each one of them is responsible for making the safest choices.

Throughout the program Actrua will:

  • Work closely with you to define your strategic safety goals.
  • Engage your leaders to own and drive the desired cultural change.
  • Equip your people with high-performance skills, behaviours and attitudes about safety

It all starts by creating your Switch On Roadmap

In October 2016 Actrua had the pleasure of presenting at the NSCA Foundation National Safety Conference. We’ve put together some of the highlights from Actrua Managing Director Andrew Russell’s presentation where he highlights the importance of shifting the mindsets of your leaders and teams when developing a commitment based safety culture across your organisation.

Chat to the Actrua team today about activating your organisation’s true Safety Culture.