As a world leader within their sector, this Canadian based organisation prides themselves on their ability to swiftly create and capitalise on opportunities in the marketplace and quickly adapt and respond to their customers’ needs.

Their challenge

With operations in 11 countries the ability to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs can be challenging. The organisation needed to drive a high-performance leadership culture to ensure their leaders were empowered to activate positive change within their teams. Leaders across all functions and regions required high-level capability to engage and ignite the performance possible within themselves and their teams.

Our solution – Executive Leadership Program

To activate a culture of performance, we co-designed the global Executive Leadership Program (ELP). The ELP was designed as an opportunity for senior leaders to explore the specific and complex challenges of leading a global organization. The program strongly aligned with the organisations’ strategic business priorities and through a combination of workshops, self-study, 360 assessments, coaching and an Action Learning Project, participants were immersed into the role of a senior leader.

The Action Learning Project was a critical component of the ELP allowing leaders to examine strategic issues, advance organizational thinking, and work through the complex challenges of working in cross-functional global teams.

In addition, support by the Executive Leadership Team and Board members played a key role in the program execution. They participated as guest speakers at the modules, project sponsors for the Action Learning Projects, and as members of a Panel at final project presentations. The high levels of commitment and involvement in leadership development at the top levels of the organisation have elevated the profile of the ELP within the business.

The result

The ELP was a huge success resulting in:

  • 100% of ELP participants would recommended the program to their peers.
  • 90% of participants rated the effectiveness of the Action Learning Projects as very high, with regards to them learning about and working through the complex challenges of cross-functional global teams.
  • Strong and consistent improvement in key leadership competencies including:
    • Building Effective Teams (83% responded 4 or 5) (5 being the highest rating available)
    • Managing Vision and Purpose (67% responded 4 or 5)
    • Motivating Others (60% responded 4 or 5)
  • Importantly, the program has also had significant influence on the broader business, with the Executive Leadership Team reporting that the ALP’s have directly contributed to strategic conversations and decisions associated with organisational culture and global investments.


Industry: Oil & Gas
Locations: Asia, Oceania, North & South America, Europe & The Middle East
Employees: 1,000+

Empowering leaders to create real and authentic change


Influenced strategic business decisions associated with organisational culture