An engineering and construction management company had experienced impressive growth over two decades. Starting as a single office in Brisbane, Queensland, they had expanded throughout Australia and the world to become a major provider to the global resources, energy and process infrastructure industries.

Their challenge

In 2008, staff numbers multiplied almost 10-fold with the acquisition of three new companies in North and South America. The challenge was to drive a high-performance leadership culture in a rapidly expanding global business. Leaders in all regions required high-level capabilities to empower positive change within their teams.

Our solution – EmEx Emerging Executive Leadership Program

To meet this complex challenge, we co-designed a global leadership program for emerging executives. Called EmEx, this program strongly aligned with their leadership competency model of Lead, Grow, Innovate and Deliver.

EmEx incorporated workshops (in Australia, South America, Canada and the US), a team action learning project (ALP), mentoring and leadership assessment. This combination gave participants a winning balance of theory, strategy and practical application.

The ALP was a critical aspect of EmEx. Working together global teams identified key growth, expansion or integration opportunities. The EmEx frameworks and process delivered complete, actionable business cases for each.

Engagement and support from board members and senior executives was instrumental in EmEx. They participated as co-facilitators, project sponsors and mentors.

The result

The EmEx program has been resoundingly successful delivering:

  • The development of executives into highly skilled and focused leaders able to initiate and execute global strategy
  • The development of global professional networks and support teams
  • The identification of new markets and the implementation of new opportunities
  • EmEx became self-funding due to the financial ROI of the ALP.


Industry: Engineering
Locations: 20 countries, 31 offices
Employees: 3,000+

EmEx Program delivers professional, cultural and business growth



self funded