An engineering and construction management company had experienced impressive growth over two decades. Starting as a single office in Brisbane, Queensland, they had expanded throughout Australia and the world to become a major provider to the global resources, energy and process infrastructure industries.

Their challenge

The global growth of this organisation posed significant challenges. The diverse geographical footprint and acquisition of so many individual entities meant that the safety culture was disjointed and predominantly compliance-based. The goal was to change this – to create a unified, commitment-based culture of safety across all locations.

Our solution – Global Safety Leadership Strategy

We developed a Global Safety Leadership Strategy that would drive a culture of safety performance. Central to our strategy was ensuring that senior leaders felt empowered to activate positive change within their region. We held two-day Safety Leadership Workshops in a number of key international locations. The leaders attended these prior to full roll-out, gaining a solid understanding of the processes, and experiencing their own personal transformation. Their commitment to the learnings was visibly demonstrated to their team and was pivotal in embedding cultural change.

Importantly, the techniques, methodologies and concepts we used were so fundamentally relevant, they resonated with participants regardless of where they lived. Actrua has successfully translated the material into multiple languages and delivered these workshops in Australia, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

The result

Overcoming significant barriers we activated a united culture committed to safety performance. This went far beyond training people to comply with safety regulations. Twelve months after implementing the Safety Leadership Program, LTIFR had decreased from 1.25.


Industry: Engineering
Locations: 20 countries, 31 offices
Employees: 3,000+

12 month Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate decline of:


Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate