Empower your people to create real and lasting change in your organisation’s culture of safety.  Switch On workshops are not your traditional safety training. Rather your people will participate in a highly engaging and interactive experience that challenges safety beliefs and thinking by tapping in to what people feel and what matters most. The program is a catalyst for changing  unhelpful mindsets and builds participant skillsets to keep themselves and each other safe at work and at home. This program is life changing and life saving.

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Don’t take our word for it… here’s what Switch On participants say:

About the workshop and our facilitators:

  • “Brilliant. Excellent with a small group. Can’t escape questions and don’t feel silly answering in front of a smaller group.”
  • “The most engaging workshop I’ve been involved in and the delivery of information was done great.”
  • “One of the best and professional facilitator. Highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. Sincere thanks.”
  • “Fantastic workshop, was presented in a way that really struck a chord and I will change.”
  • “Excellent work with easy and organised tools. Focused on result orientation rather than many notes. Thanks.”
  • “Very good for work and home. Thoroughly recommend for everyone.”
  • “Fantastic presenter, really engaging and really valuable course.”

About the actions they will take after the workshop:

  • “Communicate better, ask questions that stimulate the conversation.“
  • “Courageous conversations to improve my team. Understand my team’s Top 4.”
  • “Work on the Belief Model to improve myself.”
  • “Stop. Think. Assess.”
  • “I need to communicate and act as a conduit between workers and management with issues and concerns.”
  • “Take on board the production team’s opinions and involve them more in decision making.”
  • “I won’t walk past unsafe situations.”
  • “Work on what I can control and live above the line.”