Their Challenge

An engagement survey indicated dissatisfaction amongst employees regarding the lack of direction being provided by the organisation’s leadership teams. A variety of leadership development programs were being implemented however they lacked consistency, repeatability and ownership. It was apparent that an integrated program was required, to align with other business initiatives and create long-term sustainable change.

Our Solution

We designed a development program that spans all levels of leadership and provides consistent language, frameworks and concepts across the business. The program is delivered in three phases and includes the Actrua leadership skillset modules. Tailored to each level – Frontline Leaders, Middle Managers and Executives, the program starts with short, sharp, one concept modules focussed on Understanding the Business, Understanding your Role and Understanding Self.

Following the completion of the initial modules, participants undertake Peer Coaching Circles. These involve small groups, problem solving their own real-life workplace issue, which allows for instant application of program content, coaching and feedback techniques.

The program concludes with five co-facilitated modules (Managing Work, Communicating Effectively, Feedback Essentials, Courageous Conversations and Understanding Change), interspersed with Peer Coaching Circles. Co-facilitation by internal leaders of the Actrua Switch On Safety Leadership program had already proven a great success, so the approach was continued for the leadership development program. The leader-led approach provides an excellent opportunity for greater leadership visibility and involvement in the program.

The Result

Managers of the program participants were asked to assess their proficiency in key skills areas prior to completing the program and then post attendance.

Significant improvement was consistently achieved across all key skill areas. An outstanding result was achieved in relation to Understanding Your Role as Leader. Prior to the program, 85% of participants were assessed as Struggling (1) or Developing (2). Following the program, over three quarters of the group had improved to Maturing (3) or Excelling (4).

The ability to have a Courageous Conversations and Leading Change were other notable improvement areas.

Client Snapshot

Industry: Energy

Location: Australia

Employees: 650+

Unearthing the hidden capabilities of your leaders and equipping them to lead with confidence and resilience.


“It has been very informative, the peer coaching has been excellent in setting up a network of people in similar situations that we can bounce ideas off.”