Leadership Development Modules

These are just a selection of the modules that are available.  We offer additional modules designed to reinforce and further embed learning across all levels of your organisation. The design of these modules is one model, one concept, small groups, real practice and feedback, immediate applications.

These modules can also be tailored and condensed for middle and senior leaders so they can mentor and support supervisors or team leaders these essential skills.

Prioritise and Delegate

  • Exploration of the challenge of managing work
  • Using the priority matrix to identify long and short term actions
  • Using the CPORT model to delegate
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback

Change Fitness

  • Understanding the importance of managing and leading change
  • Recognise emotional reactions and concerns regarding change
  • Change model to support successful implementation
  • Creating a plan to implement change

Engaging Communication

  • Engaging communication and its importance
  • What gets in the way?
  • Techniques to create engaging communication
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback

Courageous Conversations

  • Understanding types of courageous conversations
  • Why we avoid courageous conversations
  • Techniques to handle courageous conversations
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback

Effective Pre Starts

  • Effective pre-starts and their importance
  • Techniques for effective pre-starts
  • Using the START model
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback

New Leader

  • Challenges of leadership
  • The biggest leadership traps
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • It starts with self-awareness

Situational Leadership

  • Understand the importance of situational leadership
  • Explore the three situational leadership skills
  • Consider how to use situational leadership
  • Opportunity to practice and receive feedback

Leader as Coach

  • The relationship between coaching and high-performance cultures
  • What is coaching?
  • Explore what makes effective listening
  • How to ask a great question
  • Approaches to support holding to account

Tapping your Creativity

  • Examine the links between creativity, innovation and change
  • Understand what supports a creative mindset
  • Examine how Design Thinking works
  • Explore and use Ideation Techniques

High Performance Teams

  • Fundamentals for high performing teams
  • Team Purpose – aligning your team
  • Get a GRIP – Goals, Roles, Interpersonal Relationships, Practices and Protocols
  • Team assessment survey and leader led workshop application

Leading Innovation

  • Examine the links between creativity, innovation and change
  • Explore the barriers to innovation
  • Developing your intrapreneurial skills
  • Build your personal Leading Innovation plan

Resilient Leader

  • Personal and commercial benefits of developing a resilience capability
  • Understanding unhealthy stress vs. work pressure
  • Indicators of ineffective coping amongst your people
  • Develop personal resilience action plan including specific stress management plans and resilience enhancing strategies

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