Switch On

Create the shared mindset that all incidents are preventable.


Courageous Conversations

We take you on a journey from safety management to safety leadership.


Act On It

When you create a culture of performance, your leaders and teams will Act On It.

Activating Resilience

True resilience involves getting your leaders and people ahead of the change curve.

Resilience is an essential capability in the modern workplace. Equip your leaders and teams with the confidence and skills to positively deal with change and its many challenges.

Actrua’s Activating Resilience workshops provide the platform to build a resilient and high performing culture. Creating a shared mindset, regarding how we think about and deal with change is an essential capability in the modern workplace.

Resilience is much more than just bouncing back from adversity. True resilience involves getting your business, your leaders and your people ahead of the change curve.

Actrua Asset Resiliance

Resilient people recognise that choosing to operate below the line is unlikely to resolve a stressful situation

Activating Resilience Across Your Entire Organisation

To activate and reinforce a resilient performance culture, we have designed our workshops at two specific levels. Activating Resilience for Leaders is recommended as the first phase, to ensure your leadership group is fully engaged and able to support the Activating Resilience strategies. Team member workshops can then be deployed to your whole workforce to build a shared language and to activate a shared resilience mindset.

Your Activating Resilience Workshops Will:

  • Create a shared mindset regarding how to deal with and think about change
  • Facilitate visible felt leadership, which drives employee engagement
  • Create conscious personal awareness of thoughts, emotions and behaviours, whilst challenging unhelpful thinking patterns
  • Explore and discuss the work and lifestyle factors that can result in stress and anxiety
  • Develop the personal resilience and productivity skills of your people
  • Deliver a more positive, healthier and safer work environment

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